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Need to better understand your customers, fans, or audience? Aren’t quite sure how to reach them economically, or aren’t getting the results you were looking for? Or maybe you’re a seasoned professional and are looking for a team to execute your vision? We’ve got you covered with full-service design, marketing, livestreaming, video-on-demand, physical and digital products, and website/webstore services.

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You’ve got awesome products, ideas, and content…and an audience that demands them! Let our experienced team help you design, produce, and distribute the physical and digital products that make the highest impact with your audience. We love good ideas – but we also understand the obstacles that frequently impede their implementation. Let us help you avoid the obstacles, and watch your ideas flourish.

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Selling online can be pretty daunting…multiple sales channels, tech integrations, merchandise fulfillment, analytics, social media, warehousing, supply chain management, customer relations…and the list goes on. Let our experts make e-commerce easy for you, utilizing best-in-class products and technologies to help you create meaningful and lasting connections with your audience.

As manager of some of the most iconic musical legacies of all time, it is imperative that I work with people I can trust and who will honor those artists. I have known the team at Slingshot for many years and am highly confident in their ability to manage the online presence and e-commerce for my artists. They are creative, talented, innovative and most importantly, honest and good guys with a lot of integrity. In our time working with Slingshot, we have seen exceptional and measurable results.

President of JAM, Inc.
Manager and consultant to seminal artist legacies such as The Doors, Michael Jackson, Janis Joplin, and more



Slingshot eCommerce is a team of e-commerce experts focusing on direct-to-consumer sales and marketing, with an emphasis on entertainment brands. We are driven, experienced, passionate, and creative problem solvers that can help you identify your market, understand your people, create and distribute engaging content and merchandise for them, and speak directly to and with them wherever they may be.

We work with some of the biggest and most successful artists in the music, comedy, and podcasting spaces. We ship retail and tour merchandise across the globe, we establish professional branding and digital infrastructure, we manage some of the world’s biggest livestreams and video-on-demand channels, we help launch independent movies and comedy specials, we work with major digital media platforms to distribute content world-wide, and we collect and interpret customer data to develop sound ecommerce strategies.

With consumers and audiences continuously searching for content and merchandise they feel is made just for them – Slingshot eCommerce is perfectly positioned to help your affinity or loyalty brand triumph.

Working with Slingshot has been a tremendous boost to our business. The team there has a thorough understanding of what the modern comedy online business world looks like and how it operates. They are incredibly detail oriented with tons of data and always up to speed with any new trends or development. We have continued to grow with them and find their insight and expertise to be of the highest caliber.

Comedian, Writer, Author, Actor, and Podcaster



  • Complete digital infrastructure creation and management
  • Online store and website design, creation, and integration
  • Troubleshooting, strategy
  • Ongoing store/site management
  • Inventory management
  • Inline marketing design
  • Product mocks and photography


  • Product Line Concepting
  • Product Design
  • Production and Production Management
  • Inventory Strategy and Management
  • Manufacturer Management
  • Warehousing/Storage


  • Building and curation of video-on-demand libraries
  • Creation and administration of video livestreams
  • Download management for digital audio, video, documents, drip products, podcasts, discount codes, etc.


  • Domestic and international direct-to-consumer order fulfillment
  • Customer service
  • Custom packaging design and management
  • Shipping material management
  • Pre-order/back-order solutions
  • International customs & brokerage


  • Overall online brand strategy management
  • Launch campaigns
  • Promotional/brochure websites
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital advertising (Google, Facebook, etc.)
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Website/web retargeting
  • Shopping cart abandonment strategies
  • UGC (user-generated content) campaigns


  • Wholesale order acceptance and bulk shipping
  • Tour-specific merchandise design and production
  • Logistics and location shipping, domestic and international
My experience with Slingshot has been nothing but fantastic from the second we started working together. They are enthusiastic, very collaborative (both listening to me and coming up with their own great ideas) and extremely quick and efficient. I can highly recommend the team at Slingshot.

Comedian, Actor, Director, and Writer


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For the first time in the 12 years I’ve run Snarky Puppy, I finally feel like our merchandising is working for us. Rather than telling us what we should do, the team at Slingshot respected our creativity and listened to us in order to build a store full of products that we both felt excited about. They were open, communicative, and quick in every exchange. As a result, we saw more sales in our first month with Slingshot than any other in our history as a band.

Grammy Award-Winning Musician and Bandleader of Snarky Puppy

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When it comes to independent direct-to-consumer distribution, the Slingshot Team is simply world class. As an Executive Producer, Slingshot has become my “industry cheat code” in making films and getting them to fans who love our content. Not only do I get to own my data, customize my UX, and make the best product possible for my audiences, but I also get to do it with people who I have developed a deep friendship with. It is rare to find a distribution vendor who delivers on every single one of their promises.

Booklight Film Co.
Executive Producer of Gilly and Keeves


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