“As manager of some of the most iconic musical legacies of all time, it is imperative that I work with people I can trust and who will honor those artists. I have known the team at Slingshot for many years and am highly confident in their ability to manage the online presence and e-commerce for my artists. They are creative, talented, innovative and most importantly, honest and good guys with a lot of integrity. In our time working with Slingshot, we have seen exceptional and measurable results.”
President of JAM, Inc.; manager to The Doors, Ramones, Kurt Cobain, Janis Joplin, and more

“For the first time in the 12 years I’ve run Snarky Puppy, I finally feel like our merchandising is working for us. Rather than telling us what we should do, the team at Slingshot respected our creativity and listened to us in order to build a store full of products that we both felt excited about. They were open, communicative, and quick in every exchange. As a result, we saw more sales in our first month with Slingshot than any other in our history as a band.”
Grammy Award-winning musician and bandleader of Snarky Puppy

“My experience with Slingshot has been nothing but fantastic from the second we started working together. They are enthusiastic, very collaborative (both listening to me and coming up with their own great ideas) and extremely quick and efficient. I can highly recommend the team at Slingshot.”
Comedian, actor, director, and writer

“We’ve worked with Slingshot for almost a year and have been so impressed by how thorough, hardworking, kind and professional they have been as partners. They are always happy to problem-solve, often go above and beyond bringing creative ideas to the table, and are always easy and fun to work with!”
C.O.O., Crooked Media (Pod Save America; Lovett or Leave It)

“Slingshot partnered with TIME’S UP before we were TIME’S UP! They helped us create a plan pre-launch with little notice and were smart, collaborative and incredibly flexible. We are grateful for their partnership.”

“It has been a true pleasure working with Slingshot. The Slingshot staff were most responsive and listened with care to abide our brand guidelines. Our experience at every level has been excellent. It has been a great collaboration!”
Sales & Merchandise Director, The Dali Museum

“Managing a legacy brand from an eCommerce perspective requires careful consideration and careful attention. Slingshot eCommerce provides just that. They are full of creative ideas and have seasoned experience with a personal touch that makes me feel at ease knowing the brand is being treated with respect and passion. They understand the market and how to best execute a plan of action for success. I’m glad to be working with them.”
Manager/CEO, Isaac Hayes Enterprises

“These Slingshot folks are no joke! Super-creative, proactive, and always transparent. Solid citizens.”

“Simply put – Slingshot is a game-changer. Not only do they give us the best quality products, the most competitive pricing, and the most unique ideas on marketing and sales, but they give my company something even more valuable – peace of mind. I know that I can focus on my job and never once have to worry about our merchandise or e-commerce because I know that with Slingshot on board, we have the best possible people in the industry running our music and merchandise division. But what really puts them over the top is that they care about us as much as WE care about us, and are available 24-7-365 to ensure that we are receiving the best possible quality and service. Such an old fashioned concept but one that is surely appreciated by our team every day in every way.”
President, GroundUP Music (Home of Snarky Puppy, David Crosby, Charlie Hunter, and more)

“A month out from the premier of our TV show, we realized that our existing online store was a complete mess. Slingshot took the reins and launched a fresh e-commerce store, developed a full product line of apparel and accessories, and handled all of the customer service and fulfillment so we could focus on what we do best – building cars.”
President, Classic Car Studio

“The Slingshot team was very knowledgeable and responsive for my Dr. Koo Skin Care e-commerce needs. As a startup with a product launch they have been perfect in pointing me in the right direction. I recommend them highly!”
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Owner of Dr. Koo Skincare

“Some of the sharpest minds in D2C and e-commerce. They’re a rare mix of both super creative and business savvy. They execute with a level of integrity that I haven’t found elsewhere. As a business owner with locations in multiple cities, it’s essential for me to work with people I trust and who *get it* immediately. Results are everything and these guys can be counted upon to nail it every time, allowing me to focus on running my business.”
Restaurateur, Owner of Euclid Restaurant Group

“It has been a pleasure working with Slingshot. They listen with depth, talk with passion, and create with one eye in the sky and the other on the ground. In other words: creative solutions. They’re also easy to work with and cool folks.”
Founder and owner of Bluegrass Underground and Music City Roots

“We worked with Slingshot on a branding and merchandising project for our shop here in Dublin. I was most impressed with their ability to be highly creative, totally grounded, and action-oriented all at the same time – that’s a rare quality and helped us achieve great results that we could be proud of on both a business and creative level.”
General Manager, Musicmaker

“As a manager I’m always looking for the best solution for my clients and it’s important to me to have a team that is honest and on it, which is one less worry on my plate. I’ve been working with the Slingshot team for a while and appreciate their creative ideas and enthusiasm for pushing the envelope!”
Manager, R5 & Olivia Holt; President / Boo Management & Consulting Inc.

“Slingshot has been a pleasure to partner with on The Hot Crazy Matrix. We brought them a product idea on a niche product which blew up on YouTube; The Hot Crazy Matrix has been viewed over 10 million times and has a very loyal following for both men and women. Slingshot followed through with excellent marketing, design, and fulfillment strategies which have helped us make quite a business out of the merchandise that has come from this video. In my opinion, this is highly specialized work. Many marketing companies can help you with getting your message out, and vendors can design and ship product, but having the excellence in execution and strategy under one roof has been extremely valuable for us. We highly recommend their services.”
Partner, Matrix Labs LLC