Case Studies

THE DOORS: The Young Lion Lives

Photographer Joel Brodsky’s iconic 1967 photograph of Jim Morrison (the “Young Lion Photo” as it came to be known) is one of the best-known rock n’ roll images of all time. This classic photo of Jim Morrison, arms outstretched, with a beaded necklace around his neck, is known and loved around the world.
To celebrate one of rock n’ roll’s greatest images (and greatest bands), the Slingshot team developed and executed a six-month product and engagement campaign called “The Young Lion Lives.” The campaign began with the release of a carefully-reconstructed, limited-edition, recreation of the Young Lion Necklace.
It then followed with a global outreach to fans to submit photos for use in what would become billed as “the greatest rock n’ roll fan mosaic of all time.”
Thousands of fans from around the world submitted their photos, recreating this iconic Morrison image, for inclusion in a mosaic photo that was sold exclusively in The Doors Online Store.