Case Studies


Snarky Puppy has a rabid (no pun intended) and dedicated worldwide following. Yet prior to 2015, this multiple Grammy Award-winning ensemble had only a small e-commerce presence, with only a handful of products.
The Slingshot team, working closely with Snarky management, put together a comprehensive direct-to-consumer strategy and new product line, focusing on the Snarky Puppy logo and authentic, high-quality apparel and accessory products.
In 2016, when Slingshot opened Slingshot Dublin, a European hub for fulfillment and tour support in Dublin, Ireland, Snarky Puppy was the first artist to utilize the new international reach.
In 2017, Slingshot and Snarky Puppy launched a source for high-quality, next-day FLAC and mp3 downloads from their 2017 World Tour.