Case Studies


Snarky Puppy has a rabid (no pun intended) and dedicated worldwide following. Yet prior to 2015, this multiple Grammy Award-winning ensemble had only a small e-commerce presence, with only a handful of products.
The Slingshot team, working closely with Snarky management, put together a comprehensive direct-to-consumer strategy and new product line, focusing on the Snarky Puppy logo and authentic, high-quality apparel and accessory products.
Snarky Puppy Slipmat
Snarky Puppy Cap
Snarky Puppy Tee
Snarky Puppy Tee
Snarky Puppy Onesie
Snarky Puppy Tank
Snarky Puppy Raglan
Snarky Puppy Jacket
Snarky Puppy Collar
Dublin Map
In 2016, when Slingshot opened Slingshot Dublin, a European hub for fulfillment and tour support in Dublin, Ireland, Snarky Puppy was the first artist to utilize the new international reach.
In 2017, Slingshot and Snarky Puppy launched a source for high-quality, next-day FLAC and mp3 downloads from their 2017 World Tour.
Snarky Puppy Site Mock